6 – FoaMed, Teaching EM

by St.Emlyns, Prof Simon Carley, Manchester

FOAMed has been around for a while now and it’s growing year on year. The academics, the journals and the learners are increasingly engaged with

#FOAMed resources and so it’s something we need to know about.

It matters now because learners are using it or should be using it.

We do know that #FOAMed well established and we know that people are using it, but how do we make it work for our departmental teaching

Learn to use #FOAMed as a tool for communicating, learning, exchanging thoughts, challenging yourself and making friends in Emergency Medicine around the world.

Learn to contribute in #FoaMed. Why?

You can be a better, more engaging teacher and medical educator. It's like magic.

Try it. You wont regret it.

Professor Simon Carley works as an Emergency Physician in Manchester. His research portfolio includes over 100 per reviewed papers with interests in major incidents, diagnostics and medical education. He is an associate editor of the EMJ, runs the St.Emlyn’s blogs and podcasts and co-leads the MSc in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is an education associate of the General Medical Council and an Associate Dean for Health Education North West.
Alan Grayson is a Consultant Emergency Physician in Manchester, working with sick children and really sick adults. He has an interest in quality, patient safety, and the care of the critically ill. An accidental educator, he blogs at St Emlyn's blog, co-founded the Archives of Disease in Childhood Twitter journal club, and teaches on the MSc in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is Associate Foundation Programme Director, looking after doctors in their first two years of training with a focus on trainee education and wellbeing. He is Associate lead for Teaching and Learning for the fifth year of the MB,ChB course at the University of Manchester.


Simon Carley

Alan Grayson